Commercial Buildings



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Remodeling and Home Design

WF of R

Corporate Headquarters

New Construction, Two Story, X square feet

Branchway Road, Richmond, VA

Delta Automation

14,000 square foot, two story, Office, Technical Repair Area, and WarehouseBuilding

Charles City, VA

Duo Fast Office / Warehouse Building

New Construction, 30,000 square foot Office / Warehouse


Sommerville Court, Midlothian, VA

Foster Building

New Construction, 7,000 square foot Office / Warehouse

Powhatan, VA

Lee Conner Realty

Sandston, VA

Railey Hill Retail Building

Midlothian, VA

Network Technologies and Support, Inc.

Midlothian, VA

Owl's Creek Commerce Park

Virginia Beach, VA

Capital Construction Services

Interior Renovation / Space Planning / Code Compliance, change of use

601 Moorefield Park Drive, Richmond, VA

Wingfield and Hundley Elevator Co., Inc.

Interior and Exterior Renovation

816 West Marshall Street, Richmond, VA

Robinson Karate Studio

Midlothian, VA

Stone Heavy Duty

Applied Industrial Technologies

20,000 square foot Office/Warehouse

2263 Dabney Road, Richmond, VA

Army Material Command

50,000 square foot interior renovation / space planning

5001 Eisenhower Ave., Alexandria, VA

Richmond Speed Arena

Chesterfield County, VA

R.J.Biringer Office Warehouse

5,500 square foot Office/Warehouse

1730 Douthit Court, Powhatan, VA

3-5 South 12th Street, Richmond, VA

Renovation and Re-purposing of Historic Tobacco Warehouse

Conversion of 9,000 square feet on four (4) floors to office space

3-5 South 12th Street, Richmond, VA