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Philip Johnson, Keith Hunter in Glass Ho
with Philip Johnson 
in the "Glass House" circa 1979
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Age 10, Lifelong pursuit

Mr. Hunter established and has maintained Keith Hunter & Associates, Architect since 1986 after being mentored by several of America's finest architects including Philip Johnson.


Throughout the years Mr. Hunter has had the opportunity to work on just about every building type ranging in scale, from the United Bank Center in Denver, Colorado, a fifty two (52) story Office Building with a glass enclosed Winter Garden (at the time the largest glass enclosed structure in the world) to a fairly unique Garden Shed in Ashland, Virginia, and complexity from sophisticated medical facilities that include MRI, CT Scans, and X-ray Fluoroscopy technology to a simple layout for a doctor's office.  He has designed over a hundred residential projects, including new homes, renovations, additions, and outbuildings.


Each of these unique projects is approached with a deliberate creative and pragmatic personal design process that yields functional architecture, and carefully addresses existing conditions, budgetary constraints, and aesthetics. The individual issues of each project has brought insight to the next, for example his involvement in the acoustic design of Wolftrap Performing Arts Center has given him a better understanding and application of acoustic design for all of his projects.


Mr. Hunter is hands on; he is a Class 'A' Licensed General Contractor and President of England Street Construction whose work is featured on this website.  His experience as a builder provides valuable insight to the complex requirements and difficulties experienced by contractors both residential and commercial.  This understanding allows Keith Hunter & Associates, Architect to provide the highest quality architectural services to our clients and their builders, helping to keep jobs on schedule, on budget, and built to the highest standards.


In addition to being a builder, Mr. Hunter is also a furniture designer with an extensive wood and metal shop.  Although this shop is purely for self-indulgence each project has informed his understanding of the proper use and application of materials, tools, finishes, and joinery which is reflected in our construction documents.


Finally, Mr. Hunter has immense respect for the artisans that fabricate his designs.  "You can learn something from just about everyone on the jobsite if you take the time to listen and discuss".  This appreciation has provided an ongoing education that is also reflected in our designs.  

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