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United Bank Center Office Tower and Winter Garden
Denver, CO
Johnson-Burgee Architects

United Bank Center Winter Garden Renderi
United Bank Center Model.jpg

Office Tower

1.25 million square foot, 52 story office tower with glass enclosed atrium lobby.  This project is historically significant as the first application of an aluminum curtain wall system which supports both the glass and the granite exterior in it's entirety,  i.e. the granite panels were glazed in the curtain wall in the same manner as the glass. 

Winter Garden

40,000 square foot glass enclosed Winter Garden attached to an early I.M. Pei office building and connected via a matching glass and steel bridge to the office tower atrium lobby.  Largest glass enclosed structure in the world prior to the construction of the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York

Pencil Rendering - Bon-Hui Uy

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